Health at Home is conceptualized and established by Professional Health Support System Private Limited (PHSS Pvt. Ltd.). PHSS was established in the year 2007 focusing on a different approaches of health care system in Nepal. The team of medical professionals and caregivers at PHSS are highly experienced and dedicated in providing assistance to clients.We provide a brand new personalized out-of-hospital care service for our society. The Health at Home service promotes health care, considering client's comfort first. We are dedicated professionals who believe that the correct health care service is a right of every individual. Therefore, PHSS respects every client's needs by bringing health care to their own doorsteps.

Studies have show that seniors thrive more when living in their own home than in a nursing home. This world-class service is designed to fit the general population and is modified into simple and affordable options. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals having multiple years of experience in the medical facility providing health care at the highest level.