COMPASSION-CARE-CUSTOMIZATION -COMFORT-CONFIDENTIALITY are the five core values that drives our service for any client of any medical condition or severity. 

The concept behind creating the service of health care  moving away from conventional way to your doorstep is based on the demand of the society and value for personal comfort.

The health at home services have been formulated to grow step by step in every direction of personalized care. We will look at the general condition of you in holistic way and won’t interfere on your decisions. The Institutional practice of the healthcare and home based care is unique in nature for Nepali market and being first of its type in this market we are proud and at the same time vulnerable.

Our presence in market is planned as a facilitator between you and your treating physician. We become your ally on your decision making and if you need further help on medical decision that you take. Making independent of market value to any service module that you intend to render for yourself. To make it independent partner of yours, you have to help this place to grow in society.

We have customized our service into multiple modules. You are free to choose from any of modules or give us your interest and we can advise you the modules that you can take for your loved ones. You can just drop us mail, or call us any time of the day for the inquiry regarding our service. You are our valued client who means that you trust us and our potential thus making us responsible for your health requirement.