Patient care at Health@Home includes services that are professionally ethical to be delivered to families as out-of-hospital care and can be understood by anyone. Our services are broadly divided into subscription and non-subscription based or on-demand based services. We humbly welcome everyone to give us a chance to prove the effectiveness of this new way of care. 

Health@Home is the very first in Nepal to launch such a program which provides support with superior standards and professional approach. We feel proud to introduce this new health care system to our society, which other developed nations have already been enjoying for ages. Our care is delivered not only by individual ability but also through our team work. Every patient's condition and technical capacity is evaluated before we take any case for treatment or daily care. 

Our professionals are experienced and are capable of demonstrating their skills and knowledge in an exceptional way. We provide care of all range and all types. The care service starts from general nursing care to critical care for severely ill patient or palliative care for home based clients. Technically speaking, our support system is well versed for patients with cardiac care and serious lungs condition with constant oxygen supply. We help clients with cancer ailments and complex neurological cases. We also help our clients understand their conditions, motivate them, counsel them and create conducive environment for our clients to receive maximum benefits from our technical support. 

We constantly emphasize on improving the capacity of our team and move according to recent trends and development in the area of medical care.