COPD patient

On September 16,2016 Early morning at 6:00 AM, we got an urgent call for ailing 89 yrs old gentleman suffering from Acute Exacerbation of COPD or he was severely unable to breathe normally, He also wanted to avoid hospital and asked for care management at home. We are happy to serve everyday such individuals and request from families keeps us moving.

We were able to do list of service which yesterday was considered impossible to do at home. We conducted consultation with primary physician and specialist Pulmunologist, We got complete blood work up done including Arterial Blood Gas analysis. We also started him on antibiotics and on steroids, our team have been able to get patient stabilized and care management covered completely as in hospital all done within few hours. Its been a milestone for us to get update about the stabilization of the patient which has been gradual and potentially we might have stirred him out from acute phase of his disease condition.