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8 Years Of Delivering Health Care At homes

Health At Home was established in the year 2007, adding a new dimension in healthcare service. The institution is the pioneer in creating the culture of customized home healthcare service. Establishment of Health At Home has been the defining moment in the healthcare service of Nepal as it has redefined the way people can receive quality health service. The range of services provided by Health At Home has evolved tremendously. This evolution in continuum of service asserts our focus to provide quality service in an innovative way. Since our establishment we have helped people get more out of life. Our founder’s passion for serving people has helped us in making quick strides. The passion which he held is now the passion of the team which has kept us always ahead in home healthcare.


To bring inspiration and hope in the life of people through care

Our mission works as a roadmap for us, and it is enduring. This statement pronounces our purpose as a company and serves as the benchmark against which we assess our actions and decisions. Our mission defines our existence. We will evolve for the welfare of the people by instilling hope in their life through quality care.


To serve our clients by being dedicated to their health & well being through world class home care service

Our distinct purpose and our operational expertise across our business model will help us realize our vision of providing world class home healthcare service. By leveraging our dedicated team’s expertise we have proved that we are doing an exemplary service. Our vision will continually guide us in our innovation for good.


Health At Home has embraced 5 C’s as the values of the company. The 5 C’s are the foundation upon which care is delivered to all service users to ensure that the care is safe and personalized. Our values determine how we behave with our clients.

Care: The quality of care we provide defines us. People remember us for the quality healthcare at home as the client’s care always remains our focus.

Comfort: Our team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals will treat your ailments in comfort of your home. We highly value the comfort of our clients.

Compassion: We provide service to our clients by being empathic. We keep them at focus and treat them with kindness.

Confidentiality: We respect the privacy of our clients.

Customized: Our team understands your unique needs and understanding the varied needs we serve you in customized manner.

What is home healthcare?

Home care is the way of serving patients by providing medical services at their home. Range of personal care and support services are delivered to the individuals in their own homes by licensed healthcare professionals.

Why home healthcare?

Why Health At Home?